Financial and administrative management of real estate

A lot is involved in the financial and administrative management of your property. If you, as a property owner, do not have the time, or if you lack the right expertise to ensure the correct handling of the finances and administration, we will gladly take these tasks off your hands.

Financial management for real estate owners

When you rent out your real estate there are various financial matters that you need to arrange. How do you ensure a smooth collection of the rent and how do you think about the deposit? What do you do if the tenant does not pay on time or transfers too little? At Friendly Housing we manage all cash flows related to the rental of your real estate. We are, among other things, engaged in the collection of rent, rent collection, debtor and creditor management and the service cost administration.

If you do not have time for administrative or financial management, we will take over these matters from you, so that you have the space to focus your attention on other matters.

Administrative management of real estate, for a smooth process

In addition to the finances, when renting a home, administrative transactions are also included. Contracts must be drawn up, lease payments must be sent and technical maintenance and management must take place. You also need to be aware of all kinds of laws and regulations and the changes that take place therein. Would you like the financial and administrative management of your property to be in order? We do no differently at Friendly Housing.

Outsource financial and administrative management of real estate

When you choose to outsource both financial and administrative management to us, you benefit from the following benefits:
- Ten years of experience and with that all knowledge in house
- A strict rental collection policy in cooperation with ACCS collection
- Your administration regarding the rent is always in order
- The rents and guarantors run via Stichting Derdengelden Friendly Housing
- You will receive the rent payments on a fixed date every month
- We provide the rent increase every year
- Monthly the owner receives a rental bill

More information about real estate management

Do you intend to rent out your home or do you already rent it out and do you want to outsource both the financial and administrative management of the property to experts? Send us a message for more information or contact us by telephone. We are happy to help you and tell you more about the many possibilities.

In addition to the financial and administrative management of your property, it is also possible to transfer the technical management to us.

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