Friendly Housing is specialised in the management, mediation en rent of student houses, student rooms, studio's and apartments. Each year, our company rents out more then 1500 properties. Our most important aspects are giving our tenants a high service quality and service level. This automatically means better living,- and housing conditions. The tenant is our center point and we are here to help them!  

Important information for you as a tenant:
With our agencie, you only pay € 150,- excl. 21% VAT for registration costs, where other agencies ask for 1 month rent. Because of this, we have the sharpest price in the market!

Important for you as house owner:
Low vacancy and a high rental income for your property.  Furthermore, we can do the management of your property for a small percentage of the rent income. 

If you choose to hand over the management of your property to our company, the mediation fee for an owner when a property is rented out will be:
- Dependent housing: € 200,- excl. 21% VAT
- Independent housing: € 300,- excl. 21% VAT*

If you wish to receive more information, please contact our office to make an apointment. 

*If you choose to let us search for a suitable tenant, without the management of your property, the costs for mediadtion for an owner will be € 450,- excl. 21% VAT

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