Legislative change in room rental permit


As of August 8, 2018, the Housing Regulation Eindhoven 2016 municipality has been changed. This means that from that date onwards, for conversion of a house to a room rental property, no conversion permit is required on the basis of the Housing Regulation.

Beware! If you want to rent rooms in a house or you want to split a house into several houses, this is in conflict with the (umbrella) zoning plan. This means that you will always need a permit for use in violation of the zoning plan when changing a house to a room rental (and for splitting a house in several houses).

What exactly has changed?
Since July 27, 2018 it is against all zoning plans within the municipality of Eindhoven to use a house as a room rental for more than 2 people. If you would like to rent rooms to 3 or more people in a house, you will always need an environmental permit. This concerns the environmental permit planologically conflicting use. When assessing the application, the municipality looks in particular at the quality of life in the area, the quality of the property and whether the parking standards are ok.

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