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Large expatriate companies such as Philips, TU / e and ASML have many expats working in the Eindhoven area. These expats all stay for a while in the Netherlands and for this reason it is nice when they find a home close to their work and / or education.

Find a suitable living space for expats: it is our expertise and that is why we are happy to help you.

With more than 1,500 living spaces under management, we offer expats a wide choice of rooms, studios, apartments and houses. These are located in and around the center of Eindhoven. In addition, Friendly Housing offers excellent guidance in finding a suitable home. Looking for a living space for expats? Take a look at our offer page.

Housing space to find expats

If you are looking for a rental home for an expat, we advise you to complete our registration form. On this form you can indicate your preferences, so that we can propose you a number of suitable options. These options can then be viewed without obligation. This way you are able to find the home that suits you or your employee.

Costs first month

A tenant must also provide a security deposit in addition to the first month's rent. The deposit is in most cases equal to one month's rent. 

Key transfer living space expats

The key exchange will only take place at all times when the first payment has been paid by the tenant. The first payment consists, as explained above, of one month's rent, the deposit and brokerage costs. If the payment is received in good order and you rent an independent living space, one of our employees carries out an inspection in the house together with the new tenant. After this check, the tenant must sign the notes about the state of the dwelling.

Services during stay

If there are urgent questions or complaints during your stay in the home, we can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
If the house does not have gas, water and electricity, we can put you in touch with the relevant companies. We can also show you the right way in your search for suitable insurances for the home.

More information about living space for expats

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At Friendly Housing we are specialized in renting out living space to expats, in the Eindhoven region. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.