Rent allowance

Rent through Friendly Housing Are you going to rent a house and are you curious about the possibilities for rent allowance? For some homes it is possible to apply for rent allowance. However, you must meet certain conditions to qualify for this. If after reading this page you still have questions regarding the rent allowance, we advise you to contact the belastingdienst.

Minimum rent allowance

It is only possible to qualify for rent allowance if you have a minimum age of 18 years. Are you younger than 18 years old? In some cases the tax authorities still provide rent allowance. For these exceptional cases, view the website of the tax authorities.

Independent living space

If you rent an independent accommodation, it may be that you are eligible for rent allowance. In some cases it is difficult to assess whether it concerns independent living space. Therefore, consider the possibilities well, so that you will not unexpectedly face surprises.

Registration with the municipality

You are only eligible for a subsidy if you are actually registered at the home address. The same applies to your possible partner and co-residents. No other persons may be registered at your home address, except for a possible subtenant. Note that the incomes of co-residents may be included.


You must be in possession of Dutch nationality or have a valid residence permit. This also applies to your partner and possible co-residents.

Income and rent

For rent allowance for a rental property, your (joint) income and rent may not be too high. Nor can your capital exceed a fixed limit. You can also request this from the tax authorities.

Rent a house in Eindhoven

Do you want to rent a house in Eindhoven and do you think you are eligible for rent subsidy? View the specific conditions on the website of the tax authorities and calculate immediately how much subsidy you can receive.

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