Most frequently asked questions

In cooperation with the Expat Center we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding housing.


Q: Where can I find an apartment/house to rent?
A: Rental offer is published on various websites. The most visited websites are www.pararius.nl and www.funda.nl/huur

Q: Who can I contact when I have problems/misunderstandings with my landlord?
A: If you have problems with the owner of the house and you cannot resolve this, you may contact the manager of the house.

If there is no manager, you can contact the tenancy committee (www.huurcommissie.nl) or you can obtain legal advice from the legal counter (www.juridischloket.nl/contact/eindhoven).

Q: How can I rent out my house?
A: You can contact one of the various rental agencies in Eindhoven and make an appointment for a recording interview. The rental agency will then visit your rental property to provide you with all the information you need to know about renting out your property and provide you with an expected rental income.

Q: How can I buy a house?
A: When you want to buy a property it is best to start a mortgage conversation with a bank or mortgage adviser.

We then recommend that you use a buying agent. A buying agent helps you find and buy a house. If you need help with only one of the steps in that process (for example, only with negotiation), the agent can only help you with that. It is of course possible to buy a house without the help of a buying agent.

Q: How much does it cost to rent an apartment/house?

A: Most apartments and houses in Eindhoven and the surrounding area fall into the category; free market. This means that demand and supply determine the price. It is therefore difficult to say how much the rent is for an apartment or house. In determining the price, various factors are taken into account, including location, condition of the property, level of completion, size and method of delivery (upholstered or furnished).

*Questions are answered by Lindsay Teunissen from Friendly Housing*

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