Rent a house in Eindhoven and surroundings

Looking for a rental property in Eindhoven? At Friendly Housing we offer houses, apartments, studios and rooms in the Eindhoven region. If you want to qualify for a home, please register via our registration form. If you do not find a suitable home in our offer at the moment, keep an eye on our fast-changing offer regularly.

The cost of a rental home in Eindhoven

If you have found a home through us, you must also pay rental costs in addition to the first month of rent. The mediation costs are € 181.50 including VAT. You must also deposit a deposit. This is in most cases equal to one month's rent. At the end of the rental period you will receive the deposit, provided the final delivery is found to be satisfactory, returned.

The deposit remains under management with Friendly Housing until the tenant has delivered the living space. This deposit serves as security for a correct tenancy. If after the rental period there are no rent arrears, late payments or any damage or defects to the upholstery and any furniture, you will receive the full deposit back.

Requirements for the preparation of the rental contract

Before the rental contract is put in order, we request you to provide all necessary documents.
We would like to receive a copy of you from:
- the ID;
- the employment contract;
- pay slips of the last three months
- a bank statement that shows that you received the salary

Renting in Eindhoven Want to rent a house in Eindhoven?

With us you will find various types of housing in different price ranges. Have you seen a property that possibly fits your needs, make this known by means of our registration form, or by responding to the relevant property.

Rent a home in Eindhoven; in this way you increase your chances

Are you actively looking for a home and would you like to have a better chance, when you see a home? Make sure that you provide all required documents quickly and completely. The last three payslips, employer's statement, copy of your identity card and the completed registration form. We will then immediately check whether you are eligible for the home. If several candidates are interested in the same home, the owner will make a decision based on the documents you have submitted.

Income requirements for renting a house in Eindhoven

To protect both you and the landlord, there is an income requirement for renting homes. Your gross monthly income must be at least three times as high as the requested

More information

Would you like to rent an apartment in Eindhoven or are you looking for accommodation? Keep an eye on our property offer and respond immediately if you see something that you like. Would you like to know more about our offer, about homes for expats in the Eindhoven region, or do you have another question? Then approach us without obligation. We are happy to help you.

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