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Room rent eindhoven

Eindhoven is an exciting and modern city, popular with students, young people, families and international workers. There are many houseshares and studio flats available if you are looking for room rent in Eindhoven. Though the largest city in the south Netherlands, rental prices in Eindhoven are very reasonable.

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Eindhoven is world renowned for its place when it comes to cutting edge design and technology. Its innovative outlook has resulted in numerous accolades and the region is known as “Brainport”. People looking for a room rent in Eindhoven include students and young workers involved in industrial design, IT and other technologies.

Important institutes and companies involved in technology and design include:
• Philips
• The University of Technology
• European Institute of Innovation and Technology
• The Design Academy Eindhoven

Room Rent in Eindhoven – Sport and Recreation

Something else that Eindhoven is well known for is its sporting traditions and facilities. PSV is the city’s professional football club. The region is also well-regarded for swimming and horse-riding. If you are thinking about a room rent in Eindhoven and are interested in sports, then the city’s superb sports facilities may appeal. These include swimming pools, ice rinks, a golf course and an indoor ski centre.

As a green city, Eindhoven has many parks and other green spaces. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails. If you go for a room rent in Eindhoven central, it is still very easy to access the forests and other green spaces around the city.

Room Rent in Eindhoven – Culture

Eindhoven has some great art galleries and museums. The Van Abbe Museum has an internationally renowned contemporary art collection. Other museums include:
• DAF Museum
• Philips Museum Eindhoven
• Historical Open Air Museum