Friendly Housing

At Friendly Housing, property management is done by a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team which can take care of all aspects of management and rental for you.

We perform commercial, financial and technical management for you.

Below are the things we believe in!

  • Transparency in every way
  • Clear communication at all times
  • Providing the best tenants, through a good network
  • Always active with sharing your property with relocaters and Expat forums
  • We think along with the lessor
  • Serious in following through with appointments
  • Effective when dealing with complaints
  •  Distinctive through character: unprejudiced, dynamic and extremely friendly
  • Just the way you want it: custom-made management

Certainty of the ‘friendly’ approach

We cooperate with various relocaters and highly regarded parties such as Philips, ASML, high Tech Campus, Technical University of Eindhoven and Fontys Hogeschool.

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