House renting in Eindhoven

Friendly Housing specializes in the management, mediation and rental of houses, apartments, studios and rooms in the Eindhoven region and provides more than 1,500 mediations every year.

Do you want to rent your house in Eindhoven? With more than 10 years experience and knowledge of the rental market, we are able to find the best and most reliable tenant for your home, studio or room.

Quality first

Based on a full screening, we select a reliable tenant for you and, if you wish, you will retain the entire management. A high level of service and clear communication are central during the mediation and management. You are also at the right address at Friendly Housing for technical property management and for the financial management of real estate.

The costs, housing intermediation Eindhoven and surroundings

Rent out your home in Eindhoven and are you curious about the mediation costs? Please contact our office. We will discuss with you the possibilities for rental and the associated rates

Special rates for home rental

When a tenant moves within the same building, we only charge € 100, - excl. 21% VAT.
If you have more than 20 complexes, other rates apply. Please contact our office about this.

The advantages of a rental agent

Renting out your home in Eindhoven via Friendly Housing brings many benefits.

• More than ten years of experience and knowledge of the rental market. Specialized in home rental in Eindhoven and surroundings.
• The homes in our management are rarely vacant, thanks to our extensive network. This allows you to enjoy an optimal rental return from your property. If the house is empty anyway, you will not pay any costs.
• We work together with various (inter) national companies, relocators and expat forums.
• In 2018 Pararius (the largest rental apartment platform) elected number 7 of rental broker in the Netherlands.
• A reliable tenant in your home thanks to a thorough screening and credit check.
• A correctly drawn up rental agreement that will not give you surprises.
• No mandatory management: optional commercial, financial and / or technical.

Step-by-step plan for the rental of your home

Do you want to rent out your entire apartment or house in Eindhoven? Or do you have a studio or room in which you would like to withdraw a tenant? To give you an idea of the process, we would like to give you an impression of the step-by-step plan:

Step 1: The acquaintance. In the first interview, your wishes and needs are examined. What can we do for you and what do you have to take into account when you choose to rent out your property? We also discuss how the house will be offered - unfurnished or furnished - and we will advise you about the rent.
Step 2: Because we want to present your property online in a professional way, a photographer comes along to take pictures. The photos are placed on various websites and Internet forums with a specially drafted text.
Step 3: Viewings with potential tenants.
Step 4: Discuss the (income) data of the prospect tenant and financial screening.
Step 5: Drafting and signing the lease agreement (ROZ model).
Step 6: The financial settlement.
Step 7: If desired, we will take care of the management of your home.

In addition to renting apartments and houses, we are also very skilled in studio and room rental in Eindhoven.

Rent a house in Eindhoven: a professional approach that allows you to rent out carefree

Would you like to know more, because you want to rent your house in Eindhoven? Then contact us without obligation. We would like to visit you to view your property and tell you more about our working method and vision.

Making an appointment without obligation is possible by telephone on 040 244 4448 or via the contact button.

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